Our science is sophisticated, our technology is proven.

Greffex is a privately held, multi-national company, headquartered in Texas and Colorado, USA, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Established in 1999, Greffex has developed a novel genetic medicine platform.  Greffex’s, GREVAX Universal Platform leads to a paradigm shift in the design, development and production of vaccines. New vaccines will become available that will satisfy unmet needs seen around the globe through our genetic medicine platform.

Our proprietary GREVAX Universal Platform delivers vaccines in a faster, more affordable and more efficient manner. Once a pathogen has been identified, Greffex’s team can design and produce a GREVAX vaccine within 4 weeks. We have developed systems that allow the manufacturing of enough vaccines within weeks to immunize the entire US population in response to a threat of an emerging infection, such as a novel pandemic influenza strain.

The state-of-the-art flexibility of the GREVAX Universal Platform makes it the ideal delivery vehicle for vaccines against a wide variety of infectious disease, including but not limited to Pandemic Influenza strains, Anthrax and Dengue Fever, as well as Malaria, Hepatitis C, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Ebola, HPV, Plague, Tuberculosis and a host of other vaccine candidates.

Our GREVAX Universal Platform in conjunction with Greffex’s proprietary engineered veto strategy allows the development of a new generation of immune evading gene therapy vectors and novel approaches to immune suppression in organ transplantation.

We are a company founded on the principles of creating innovative therapies to protect and heal mankind while keeping our focus on the value propositions available to us by being novel, successful and progressive. Greffex’s proprietary GREVAX Universal Platform offers healing and protection. A true paradigm shift in vaccines and gene therapy.