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Next-Gen Adenoviral Vector Technology

Welcome To Greffex

Greffex is a genetic engineering company that has developed next generation adenoviral vector technology and a superior vaccine platform.  In addition to groundbreaking gene therapy applications, Greffex can help mitigate the current pandemic and become the global vaccine platform solution to fend off future pandemics.

Greffex’s novel adenoviral vector approach integrates different strategies to overcome the limitations of earlier adenoviral systems.  To minimize the induction of anti-adenoviral immune responses, Greffex vaccines are fully deleted of all endogenous adenoviral genes without the use of helper viruses (we have patented this technology).

Fully deleted adenoviral vectors better focus the immune system to a vaccine antigen, minimize interference by anti-adenoviral responses, and enable multiple repeat uses of the same construct.



  • Greffex began as a genetic engineering company working on gene therapy (Hepatitis A, Cystic Fibrosis) and Transplantation  therapies, before pivoting to vaccine development in 2005.
  • Today, Greffex is primarily focused on vaccine commercialization although we are working with the NIH on Usher’s Syndrome and with a private company on Lysosomal Storage Diseases.
  • In 2021 Greffex will have 3 vaccine candidates in clinical trials, two of which are sponsored by the NIH: 
    • Covid-19 vaccine (privately funded)    Currently Pre-Clinical
    • H5N1 vaccine (NIH contract)               Currently Pre-Clinical
    • Universal Flu vaccine (NIH contract)   Currently in R&D
  • The Covid-19 vaccine has advantages over other suppliers: 
    • Single Dose
    • Multivalent (Spike, M & N proteins, or some combo) to provide broader protection against new strains
    • Easy Distribution: No Freezer – remains stable in refrigerator
    • Fully-deleted, helper-independent Ad vector based on the Ad6 which has a low prevalence in humans, thus reducing interference and increasing effectiveness of the vaccine
  • Awarded patents in 2014 for the creation of a fully-deleted, helper-independent adenoviral vector platform
  • Using the target disease’s genetic sequence, Greffex can create any vaccine in 3-4 weeks and produce millions of doses quickly at a fraction of the cost of traditional vaccine production
  • Greffex vectors are cleaner, safe, stable, versatile, and manufactured in a standardized, cost efficient process
  • NIH-sponsored animal trials demonstrated an impressive 100% survival against H5N1 (versus FDA standard of 70% in animals and 40% in humans)
  • Greffex made a MERS vaccine, which is similar to Covid-19, that was highly protective in animals

Greffex presently holds 14 patents with 11 additional filings

Vaccines in Trials

Three vaccine candidates will be in FDA trials in 2021/2022, including a Covid-19 vaccine and H5N1 avian flu vaccine

The Greffex Platform

100% Clean

Greffex patented the process to fully delete all endogenous vector genes


Greffex vectors are devoid of contaminating helper or recombinant
replicating viruses

No Freezers

Greffex vectors are genetically stable and can be stored at room


Greffex vectors can be delivered in different capsids

Single Dose

Greffex vaccines can be potent in a single dose.  Half the logistics, half the cost, half the hassle


Greffex vectors are manufactured by a standardized highly efficient

Our Team

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John R. Price

President and Chief Executive Officer
Chief Scientific Officer

Uwe D. Staerz

Chief Scientific Officer
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William S. Connolly

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