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Greffex’s platform is the world’s most successful gene therapy delivery vehicle (vector) with broad applications for delivering treatments including vaccines, immune suppression and gene therapy. 


  • Founded in 2005 to pursue disruptive and proprietary technology Greffex’s founders first explored in 1998
  • Awarded patents in 2014 for the creation of a fully-deleted, helper-independent adenoviral vector platform
  • Greffex vectors are clean, safe, stable, versatile, and manufactured in a standardized, cost efficient process
  • When applied to vaccines, the universally applicable platform eliminates the need for refrigeration and it can produce doses more quickly, with less lead time, and more cheaply than traditional vaccines
  • NIH-sponsored third-party animal trials demonstrated an impressive 100% protection against a deadly pandemic influenza strain (versus FDA standard of 70% in animals and 40% in humans)
  • Using the target disease’s genetic sequence, Greffex can create any vaccine in 3-4 weeks and produce 100 million doses in 90 days at a fraction of the cost of traditional vaccine production
  • Greffex presently holds 12 patents with 9 additional filings

Greffex presently holds 14 patents with 11 additional filings


We can produce 100 million doses in 90 days at a fraction of the cost of traditional vaccine production

The Greffex Platform


Greffex vectors are deleted of all endogenous vector genes


Greffex vectors are devoid of contaminating helper or recombinant
replicating viruses


Greffex vectors are genetically stable and can be stored at room


Greffex vectors can be delivered in different capsids


Greffex vectors can be used for different genetic engineering applications


Greffex vectors are manufactured by a standardized highly efficient

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