Greffex’s flexible and powerful GREVAX Universal Platform makes the ideal delivery system for vaccines against a wide variety of infectious diseases

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For many years the paradigm of protection against influenza has been an immunization drive in the fall with vaccines against influenza strains that had drifted through the Southern hemisphere the previous winter.  This strategy will come to an end as modern travel plans will supersede these natural migration patterns.  Our GREVAX Universal Platform overcomes many of the present obstacles delivering highly immunogenetic vaccines that are designed and produced in a fast and cost efficient manner.

All current vaccine technologies have their limits.  Our proprietary, state-of-the-art, GREVAX Universal Platform delivers the solution.

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Famously first employed to prevent smallpox by Edward Jenner in 1796, vaccines have consisted of material such as modified pathogens or extracts. Their goal was to elicit immune protection against a particular infectious disease. Therefore vaccine production has been a slow and resource-consuming process. From the first identification of a pathogen, it generally takes years to establish the necessary production and ultimately to deliver the vaccine to the public. Even for the most established family of vaccines, the influenza vaccines, the turnaround can be slow and restricted by limited production capacities. When the pandemic H1N1 influenza strain, also called “swine flu”, emerged, delivery of the necessary vaccine took several months, pushing back the production of all seasonal influenza vaccines. We at Greffex believe that in the event of a fast-moving epidemic, a vaccine lag of months will be disastrous, as it leaves the population without efficient immune protection.

Vaccine manufacturing will be slow to change, as billions of dollars have been invested into established production schemes and venues. Decades-old techniques, such as virus propagation on fertilized eggs, have numerous limitations: reliance on a limited supply of fertilized eggs, serious contamination risks, the need for large production plants, and intricate production and purification processes. Because the production process is so cumbersome and costly, a significant portion of vaccines administered in the US come from foreign production facilities.

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We are confident that our proprietary GreVac technology offers the solution to this conundrum. Greffex’s flexible and powerful GREVAX Universal Platform makes the ideal delivery system for vaccines against a wide variety of infectious diseases, most prominently influenza, anthrax, and Dengue fever, but also malaria, hepatitis C, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and Ebola.

The unique proprietary GREVAX vector acts as a stable non-virulent “envelope”, ready to be filled with genetic information derived from the offending pathogen. The pathogen’s proteins selected for their immunogenicity and non-virulence, become “learned” by the immune system, thereby priming the body to fend off the actual disease.

Better yet, Greffex vaccine manufacturing does not require eggs, large facilities, and long waits. Once an antigen has been identified, we can design and produce a vaccine candidate in less than a month. We can then manufacture the vaccine quickly in a highly cost-effective manner and provide the US population with the necessary vaccine in weeks. We are able to accomplish this by using optimized production cells and standardized production schemes.

Today Greffex is ready to take its vaccine technology to several paradigm-shifting applications, to the final stage, approval and commercialization.

Greffex is actively working on several other vaccine applications;

  • Universal Influenza
  • Ebola
  • HIV
  • Plague
  • Tuberculosis

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