Universal Influenza Vaccine

Highly versatile GREVAX Universal Platform allows for broadly reactive influenza vaccines

Greffex Vaccines Influenza

Greffex is currently developing a

For many years the paradigm of protection against influenza has been an immunization drive in the fall. Each year a vaccine is assembled against influenza strains that first emerged in Asia then spread to the Southern hemisphere the previous winter, following natural migration patterns. The different influenza variants are identified and a corresponding seasonal vaccine is produced and distributed in the North.

This strategy has been successful for many years. This strategy will come to an end as modern travel patterns supersede these natural migration routes. Once newly emerging influenza strains are transported from Asia directly to the US without an intermediary stop in the South, there will not be enough time to produce vaccines specific for any of these newly appearing strains. As a consequence, the US population will remain susceptible to a potentially high pathogenic, if not lethal influenza outbreak.

Predicting the composition of newly emerging influenza strains is close to impossible. Therefore an urgent need exists for influenza vaccines that are effective against many different strains. As Greffex’s Universal Vector Platform is highly versatile and very fast, the company has been developing broadly reactive (“universal”) influenza vaccines that provide, if not full, at least base protection against the most dangerous influenza strains. A highly specific vaccine can then be delivered in a few weeks.