Greffex is working on universal vaccines with the aim to provide world-wide protection


Greffex ebola vaccine

Greffex Ebola Vaccine  »

A vaccine solution for Ebola that delivers exactly what is needed quickly IS available. Greffex offered two additional components to its vaccine solution.

Greffex can deliver a testable Ebola vaccine candidate in one month from start date.


Greffex Avian Influenza Vaccine GreFLU/VieGreffex Avian Influenza Vaccine GREFLU/VIE™»

Greffex has produced the avian influenza vaccine GREFLU/VIE using its GREVAX Universal Platform. GREFLU/VIE has been undergoing preclinical testing and is entering the clinical trial phase.

The GREFLU/VIE™ is being developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Influenza vaccine manufacturing and clinical testing schemes were discussed with the Food and Drug Administration of the USA. In parallel, Greffex has been working on a universal influenza vaccine with the aim to provide protection prior to the emergence of a new influenza strain.


Greffex Anthrax Vaccine GreAnxGreffex Anthrax Vaccine GREANX™ »

Greffex has produced the anthrax vaccine GREANX using its GREVAX platform. GREANX has been undergoing initial preclinical testing. This work is being performed in collaboration with the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).


Greffex Dengue Vaccine GreDen/V1-4Greffex Dengue Vaccine GREDEN/V1-4™ »

Greffex has produced the Dengue vaccine GREDEN/V1.4 using its GREVAX platform. GREDEN/V1.4 has been undergoing initial preclinical testing. This work is being performed in collaboration with the with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).


Greffex Vaccines H1N1 - Swine FluGreffex H1N1 Vaccine – Swine Influenza GREFLU/CAL™ »

The different influenza variants are identified and a corresponding seasonal vaccine is produced and distributed in the North. This strategy has been successful for many years. Greffex has exploited the flexibility of our GREVAX Universal Platform to produce several vaccine constructs, such as a Swine Influenza GREFLU/CAL.


Greffex  H7N9 (HPAI) VaccineGreffex  H7N9 (HPAI) Vaccine »

Greffex is presenting today, about one month after the identification of the H7N9 influenza, a completed GREVAXTM H7N9 vaccine construct. This H7N9 vaccine candidate is ready for production and testing.


Greffex MERS CoVGreffex Middle East Respiratory Syndrom coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Vaccine  »

Greffex has developed a MERS vaccine just four weeks after it became obvious that MERS-CoV had moved to the WHO’s “alert phase.


Greffex Vaccines InfluenzaGreffex GREVAX Universal Platform Influenza Vaccine »

Predicting the composition of newly emerging influenza strains is close to impossible. Therefore an urgent need exists for influenza vaccines that are effective against many different strains. As Greffex’s GREVAX Universal Platform is highly versatile and very fast, the company has been developing broadly reactive (“universal”) influenza vaccines that provide, if not full, at least base protection against the most dangerous influenza strains. A highly specific GREVAX vaccine can then be delivered in a few weeks.


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