Greffex has established several formal partnerships

Greffex Current PartnershipsMost of the company’s funding for the last 12 years has been in the form of repeat grants from agencies of the US government, including the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”), the Department of Commerce, with its National Institute of Standards and Technologies (“NIST”), plus several small rounds of preferred stock issuance.

Greffex has established several formal partnerships and alliances with major international research institutions.

GREFFEX’S government partnerships:

National institute of Standards and Technology Award: US $6.8 million

The GREVAX Universal Platform was developed and tested for different applications. Vectors were produced to prevent the rejection of organ transplants, to enable efficient gene therapy and to induce vigorous immune responses. Manufacturing systems have been created to allow their large-scale production.

National Institutes of Allergy and infectious Diseases: US $1.1 million

Studies were undertaken to establish the proof-of-principle of the use of GREVAX vectors for stem cell engineering and gene therapy.

National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive Diseases: US $5.6 million

Animal experiments of pancreatic islet, heart muscle and hepatocyte transplantation established the efficacy of GREVAX veto© vectors to prevent the rejection of tissues transplanted into unrelated recipients.

Greffex has forged partnerships with government agencies to support the development of our vaccines using our GREVAX Universal Platform technology in many disease areas. Our strategy is to develop and manufacture our core vaccines.

We are interested in licensing the GREVAX platform for the development of other vaccines and other gene medicine applications.

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