Expanding Technology

December 1, 2014; February 1, 2015

The Greffex Universal  technology platform is built on the adenovirus (Ad). It is composed on two sets of components that can be modified independently: vector modules deleted of all Ad genes and packaging plasmids that deliver the packaging information. Greffex has established the feasibility of the GreVAX system with capsids of the prototypical Ad5 serotype. Fully deleting GreVAX vectors of all Ad genes minimizes interference caused by pre-existing immunity. It may nevertheless be beneficial to package GreVAX modules into capsids of other rare Ad serotypes.

Greffex uses Ad capsids of species C for its vaccine applications. This takes advantage of the high immunogenicity of these Ad serotypes. Greffex packages vectors designed for gene therapy into Ad capsids of species B. For these applications the Company takes advantage of lower intrinsic immunogenicity.

Greffex has broadened its technology base. It can now match the design of its vectors to the immune status of the target population and to the intended therapeutic use.