Greffex, Inc. Announces the Closing of an Equity Bridge Round of $2,500,000

Greffex Equity Bridge Offer12/18/2012

Greffex, Inc. announces the closing of an equity bridge round of $2,500,000 in which the Company issued convertible preferred shares representing a common equity equivalent of approximately 1% of the Company’s common stock.

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Four growing biotech firms move into Fitzsimons Accelerator Building

Greffex : Fitzsimons- Accelerator Building08/23/2012

The Denver Post | The new wing of Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority’s Bioscience Park Center is called the “accelerator.” (Stephen Mitchell, The Denver Post)

The babies are growing up.
The Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority is celebrating the move of four startup companies from the Bioscience Park Center “incubator” to its new wing known as the “accelerator.” Read More »