Greffex Anthrax Vaccine

Greffex - Vaccines - AnthraxIn North America and Europe approximately 940 million people are at risk of bioterrorism agents. According to the World Health Organization, its committee of experts’ estimates that an aircraft release of 50 kg of anthrax spores over an urban developed population of 5 million would result in about 250,000 deaths and an additional 125,000 would be severely incapacitated.

To protect major population centers, it will therefore be necessary to provide anthrax vaccines to a large segment of the population. In the US alone, billions of dollars have been budgeted for medical countermeasures to terrorism agents and to stockpile anthrax vaccines for a “three-city attack”. The problem with the presently available anthrax vaccine is its low immunogenicity. Several booster injections are required over a one-year period to establish immunity.

Greffex has produced the anthrax vaccine GREANX. The GREVAX Universal Platform was used and studies have demonstrated adenoviral vectors anthrax vaccines established immunity within weeks. The vaccine has been successfully undergoing preclinical testing. This work is being performed in collaboration with the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases.